Are These Cross-Stitch Patterns Really Free?

cross stitch wip

So we’ve had some people question if we really are giving away our cross-stitch patterns, which we do understand. We’ve seen many ‘free’ games turn into micro-transaction money pits, and also other ‘free’ offers turn into a scheme where you have to join a club, and then the club has a subscription after a while etc.

Well at heart Nikki is a stitcher and has been sewing cross-stitch projects for most of her adult life. She’s finished an amazing amount of full coverage pieces, including some from Heaven and Earth Designs and GeckoRouge, which both are amazing places to buy kits from! Buying kits from companies like those who support artists by licensing their artwork is 100% the way to go. You can see more of Nikki’s finishes on her old craft blog website here.

We can give away Nikki’s designs as the artwork is ours, so we don’t have anyone else to pay. Nikki’s hubby Kristian is a bit of a web whizz, so creating this site is just a hobby too. Therefore we just pay for the hosting, and if people donate towards that, that is great, but not required.

So yeah, you shouldn’t feel any guilt at downloading our cross-stitch patterns at all – they are free, and we are happy for you to share links to the site, share the patterns, and just enjoy stitching them!

Just don’t ask for a ‘refund’… we’re not sure how you do that on freebie?! 😀

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