Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page, where we hope to answer any questions you may have. Please read through these before getting in touch with us:

Yes in this case there is something like a free lunch!  OK we’re not feeding you – but we are sharing Nikki’s creations with you without charge.  The PDF patterns are yours to download, to read, print, stitch, and whatever it is you can do with a PDF file.  

Nikki retrains the copyright on the image and the cross-stitch design, but has no claim on any sewings you create with the pattern – obviously but we don’t want you thinking we will suddenly claim ownership! 

You are free to give away or even sell any cross stitch you do created from our designs, we hold no rights over those either.

There’s no catch.  Honest.    

You can make donations to use when you ‘check out’ your cart – but that’s totally up to you and we won’t shame you if you do.  We just have hosting costs to cover, and computing power while creating the images etc, but that’s totally our call. We will probably have adverts on the website to also help cover our costs so we’re not out of pocket.

If you’d like to make a donation to help keep this site running and us spending time creating more images and cross-stitch patterns, either add a donation amount when you check-out a pattern, or find the donation product here.
Donate what you wish – and don’t give more than you can afford , we don’t want that on our conscious! 

All patterns are supplied as PDF files, which are read only and viewable in any browser or compatible reader – the adobe PDF readers are free to all and you’ve most likely got one installed on your PC / laptop or device already. Just Google PDF reader or click here.  The PDF files contain the thread key and the pattern itself.

As soon as you have paid for your patterns(s), you will be able to download your patterns.  You will be provided with secure links to download the files, and you can find them again in your account page here.

When you complete your (free) checkout, the chart will be listed, with a download button. Just click that to download the file to your computer’s download location. NOTE: This probably doesn’t work on Apple phones/Ipads as with most downloads, it needs to be done on a PC.

how to download

We don’t use 3rd party artists, all the designs are from our own digital artwork, be that artist styles or 3D computer artwork style, therefore we own the copyright to every pattern.

Yes! All our PDFs patterns are generated to be 100% compatible with Pattern Keeper

We don’t have the space to take you through how to use Pattern Keeper – after all it’s not our software.  But there’s a good FAQ on it’s website here.